Australia’s Top Wipe on Sex Appeal Pheromone Wipe


Sending out subconscious scents, pheromone wipes work to attract both men and women. Pheromones are unique chemicals that attract the opposite sex through a certain scent. As a result, attraction is naturally triggered and the receiver will automatically respond through instinct – whether they first acknowledge the attraction or not. Buy 15 sachets of Wipe on Sex Appeal to draw in those you’ve got your eye on – be irresistible by simply wiping our product on your neck and wrist to boost your sex appeal.

How does pheromones attraction work?

Almost all creatures send out a form of chemical signal to attract the opposite sex and trigger a number of different reactions, no matter the species. In some cases, these reactions aren’t always sexual, but pheromones attraction can work simply through the scent signals that are given out. As one of the top pheromones for women, our wipe on love appeal products help men and women to find their best match. How? Osmology – the science of smelling – has recently concluded that both men and women are attracted to each other through scent signals and chemical messages (pheromones). Sexual attraction is then triggered, awakening other hormones, fertility and deeper emotions.

Get intimate with the best sexual attraction wipes

We’ve established our brand as a distributor of top pheromones for women and men, offering sexual attraction wipes that help with intimacy and searching for your soulmate. Additionally, by using our intimate wipes, available across Australia, you may experience the following effects:

  • A relaxed state
  • A feeling of being less anxious
  • Decrease in the feeling of being nervous
  • A feeling of being more attractive
  • A positive state-of-mind
  • A heightened sex life.

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Wipe On Sex Appeal is available across Australia and is the best pheromone to attract women and men alike. You can buy our intimate wet wipes through our online store and easy checkout system.

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